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You Could Win a Trip to the Brightest Place on Earth — How to Enter

If you dream of experiencing the most radiant place on Earth, an incredible opportunity awaits. Peet's Coffee is offering an exciting chance to win a trip to Svalbard, Norway, to celebrate the launch of its brightest coffee blends.

This remarkable prize includes not only a journey to a stunning destination but also the joy of exploring Peet's latest coffee innovations.

Peet's Coffee has recently unveiled its Bright Collection, featuring two exceptional blends: Sun Catcher and Off the Grid. These blends, introduced after two years of meticulous development, promise to offer a vibrant coffee experience. The Sun Catcher blend is crafted using beans from Brazil and Kenya, while Off the Grid combines beans from Colombia and El Salvador. Both blends are designed to provide a bright and refreshing coffee experience.

To mark the launch of these new blends, Peet's Coffee has partnered with influencer Cecilia Blomdahl to offer an extraordinary travel opportunity. The grand prize includes a trip for two to Svalbard, Norway, during the Midnight Sun Season. This unique time of year is characterized by continuous daylight, as the sun does not set for several weeks. The trip is scheduled for August 17-22, allowing the winner and their guest to fully immerse themselves in this spectacular natural phenomenon.

The lucky grand prize winner will not only get to explore the beauty of Svalbard but will also receive an exclusive giveaway kit. This kit includes the entire Bright Collection coffee, a Peet's hat, a travel mug, a GoSun Brew travel coffee maker, a GoSun 144Wh PowerBank, and a portable phone power bank. These items are designed to enhance the travel experience and ensure that the winner can enjoy their favorite coffee on the go.

Four additional first-prize winners will also receive the giveaway kit, allowing more coffee enthusiasts to experience the new blends and the accompanying travel essentials. This ensures that even those who do not win the grand prize can still enjoy a taste of Peet's new offerings.

Cecilia Blomdahl, who has a deep appreciation for coffee and exploration, expressed her excitement about this partnership. She shared, "For me, coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a source of joy and a morning ritual I look forward to. Partnering with Peet's Coffee to offer this extraordinary trip to Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole, celebrates our shared passion for exploration, discovery, and of course, great coffee. I'm excited to share the beauty of Svalbard with the lucky winner, embracing every moment and enjoying the Bright Collection amidst the awe-inspiring Arctic scenery."

If this sounds like an adventure you wouldn't want to miss, the contest is open now and runs through June 28. To enter, visit the Peet's Coffee contest page and submit your entry. Don’t forget to brew a fresh cup of coffee to fuel your excitement as you participate.

This is more than just a contest; it’s a celebration of great coffee and the spirit of adventure. Whether you are a seasoned coffee aficionado or simply someone who enjoys a good cup of joe, Peet's Coffee is offering a chance to experience something truly extraordinary. So, don't wait—enter now for your chance to win this unforgettable journey to the brightest place on Earth.


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