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United and Chase Are Giving Away 1 Million Miles

Are you tired of feeling jet lagged and groggy on your travels? The first-ever National Lose the Jet Lag Day is on Tuesday, January 18, and to honor it, the United Family of Cards from Chase is awarding 1 million United MileagePlus Miles to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to join is promise to handle jet lag expertly in 2023. The beginning of the new year is the ideal moment to commit to making the most of travel, said Laurinda Rainey, general manager of United Co-Brand Cards at Chase. To spread awareness of the negative effects jet lag has on travel, we are thrilled to introduce this sweepstakes on National Lose the Jet Lag Day.

However, United and Chase are not allowing travelers to figure out how to overcome jet lag by themselves. They have partnered with Timeshifter, a cutting-edge app created by eminent scientists under the direction of Dr. Steven W. Lockley, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and Timeshifter's chief scientist. The goal of the software is to aid travelers in understanding jet lag and addressing its root causes.

According to a Timeshifter representative, jet lag has substantial negative effects on both people and the economy, including impaired immunological function, decreased enjoyment, and poor focus. Travelers may control circadian cycles by making modest adjustments at key times to guarantee they arrive at their best thanks to Timeshifter, which dispels common jet lag misconceptions and replaces them with accurate science.

The software works by letting users enter their travel schedules and offering a full breakdown of when they should and shouldn't view light, reminders to reset their timepieces, and when and if they should drink any caffeinated beverages, all to assist the user swiftly rebalance to their new timezone. And if you're still unsure, just ask Mike Massimino, a former NASA astronaut who now serves as a Timeshifter advisor and is a fervent user.

Massimino said, "It's encouraging to see circadian research finally being applied outside of NASA to help people combat jet lag."

The prize, however, is not over yet. A year's worth of access to the Timeshifter jet lag software will also be given to the winner, enabling them to get the most out of all their prospective travel plans. The membership will also come with 500,000 United MileagePlus miles and be given to an additional eight persons. Additionally, the first 500 people to sign up will be entered to win a year's worth of access to the Timeshifter jet lag app.

Are you prepared to pledge and enter to win? For all the details and the fine print, go to Don't pass up the chance to use the Timeshifter software to beat jet lag permanently and win 1 million miles. You may maximize your trips and arrive at your destination feeling rested and prepared to go with the correct equipment and information.


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