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United Airlines Launches New Route to Dubai, Connecting Travelers to Over 100 Destinations

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

United has officially partnered with Emirates and its sister airline, flydubai, as announced last September. With this partnership, travelers can connect to over 100 destinations from Dubai, all on a single booking made through United's website or app. Passengers should expect a seamless check-in and luggage transfer regardless of their destination.

Earlier this week, United launched their highly anticipated new route, Newark (EWR) to Dubai (DBX), making them the only United States carrier to provide nonstop service to Dubai. While United passengers have a plethora of options via Dubai, the airline will also provide Emirates passengers with easy access to over 200 American destinations. United's MileagePlus rewards members can also earn miles on eligible bookings, even when connecting with Emirates or flydubai.

The new daily route from Newark to Dubai is a 7,000-mile journey through the clouds, taking off at 10:15 PM and arriving at 7:40 PM the following day. The daily return trip from Dubai back to Newark departs at 2:15 AM and arrives at 9:05 AM on the same calendar day.

Both Emirates and United take customer service seriously and invest in the overall experience for their passengers. Emirates has recently upgraded over 100 planes in its fleet, including a vegan-friendly menu and a cinema in the sky. United has a vast array of entertainment options on board, including a new game center accessible from United's app. For travelers in United's Polaris business class, there are multiple storage options for personal items, a console for water bottles, a universal power outlet for electronic devices, and a cocktail table that expands for more space. Live TV provided by DIRECTV is also available.

The Boeing 777-200ER has officially taken flight on the first Newark-Dubai route this week, offering travelers many benefits. Emirates has always been known as a luxury airline and is synonymous with Dubai in terms of its lavish reputation. United is confident in what they offer jet setters as well, including the benefits mentioned above.

Dubai is a city that is constantly evolving and has a lot to offer tourists. Palm Jumeirah is one of the highlights of the city, and the Atlantis The Royal is the latest addition to the region, with glowing 5-star reviews pouring in about recent tourist experiences. Dubai has changed its views on alcohol consumption in recent months, making the city more welcoming to Western tourists.

Dubai no longer enforces a 30% tax on alcohol sales or requires a liquor license to consume alcohol at home, although a 5% VAT fee will still be charged. This change in policy means that travelers no longer need to travel far and wide across the UAE to find certain places to drink, and they can also save more money now doing so.


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