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This Culture-Rich Country Has The Best Digital Nomad Visa In The World

With the rise of remote work, digital nomadism has become increasingly popular, and 66 countries now offer digital nomad visas or special permits for remote workers. Among these, one country stands out for having the best digital nomad visa in the world, according to Visa Guide World. If you are a digital nomad seeking your next adventure, this culture-rich destination might be the perfect fit for you.

The country in question is Spain, which has officially been recognized for its exceptional digital nomad visa. Spain's cost of living is relatively low, with average monthly expenses around 673.7 euros ($732). The visa’s monthly minimum income requirement is also relatively modest at 2,600 euros ($2,800), making it accessible to many remote workers.

One of the most attractive features of Spain's digital nomad visa is the tax benefit. Remote workers are eligible for a six-month tax-free stay. If you choose to extend your stay beyond six months, you will be subject to a favorable 15% tax rate. The initial visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for up to five years, offering long-term stability for those who fall in love with Spain’s lifestyle.

Spain has gone out of its way to welcome digital nomads and offers excellent infrastructure to support them. With internet speeds averaging 248.25 Mbps and one of Europe’s best healthcare systems, the country provides the necessary tools for remote work. Private health insurance is also affordable, adding to the overall appeal.

The favorable visa terms are just one reason why Spain is an excellent choice for digital nomads. The country boasts a low cost of living, favorable weather year-round, and a rich cultural heritage. Spain's geographical diversity is remarkable, offering everything from picturesque coastal towns and beautiful beaches to rolling green countryside and majestic mountains, all within reach.

Spain has a well-established expat and digital nomad community, along with numerous shared workspaces and cafes that cater to remote workers. This existing network makes it easy for newcomers to integrate and find their footing. Despite occasional protests, the Spanish people are known for their warmth and hospitality, and they are eager to share their vibrant culture and traditions with newcomers.

Life in Spain is typically laid-back and relaxed. The Spanish custom of taking a siesta after lunch exemplifies their slower pace of life, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

For those sold on the idea of moving to Spain and living a life of sun, sea, and sangria, it's essential to understand the visa requirements. To be eligible for the Spanish digital nomad visa, you must work remotely or be self-employed for a company based outside of Spain, using exclusively telematics and telecommunication systems. Up to 20% of your income can come from a Spanish company.

You must also possess either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or have at least three years of professional experience in your field. Additionally, you need to demonstrate that you have been working for your company or freelancing for your clients for at least three months before your application and have a contract with them for at least a year. The minimum salary requirement is €31,752 ($34,580) per year, which equates to €2,646 ($2,800) per month. Lastly, you must have a clean criminal record, which you can prove with a criminal records certificate valid for at least 90 days, legalized and apostilled.

With these factors in mind, Spain offers a comprehensive and appealing package for digital nomads looking to explore new horizons while maintaining their professional life. Whether it’s the rich culture, the beautiful landscapes, or the friendly communities, Spain is ready to welcome digital nomads with open arms.


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