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These Are The Top 5 Friendliest Countries To Visit In The World According To A New Study

For travelers who seek not just new places but new faces, choosing a friendly destination can make all the difference. Meeting locals often becomes the highlight of many journeys, offering unexpected moments of joy and connection. From a shopkeeper in Tokyo inviting you for tea after a purchase to a tour guide in Rome sharing his favorite local trattoria, these personal interactions enrich our travels immensely.

Exploring Friendliness Around the Globe

To help you plan your next adventure, a recent study by Remitly has identified the top 5 friendliest countries to visit. These destinations stand out for their welcoming locals and opportunities for genuine connections.

Sweden: A Warm Welcome Awaits

Sweden might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of friendliness, but visitors often find Swedish people warm and welcoming. Known for being reserved initially, Swedes are nonetheless eager to embrace travelers. The West Sweden Tourism Board's 'Meet the Locals' initiative exemplifies this hospitality. This program allows visitors to connect with locals who are excited to share their interests, offering unique experiences ranging from walking tours of beautiful islands to vintage car rides through the countryside. This initiative ensures that no two travelers have the same experience, making every visit to Sweden truly special.

Mexico: Embracing Community and Celebration

Mexico, renowned for its strong sense of community and high happiness scores, offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for travelers. The country is particularly known for its lively festivals, such as the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), where tourists are encouraged to join in the celebrations and interact with locals. This sense of inclusion and joy makes Mexico a top choice for those looking to immerse themselves in local culture and forge meaningful connections.

Croatia: Politeness and Generosity

Croatia is celebrated for its stunning beaches, verdant national parks, and bustling cities, but it’s also known for its friendly locals. Croatians are polite and generous with their time, eager to leave visitors with lasting positive impressions. Travelers can use platforms like Meetup to connect with locals, particularly in cities like Zagreb, enhancing their experience by engaging with friendly residents who are keen to share their culture and stories.

Greece: Hospitality at Its Finest

Ranked as the second friendliest country, Greece embodies the essence of hospitality. Greek people are known for their warm welcomes, whether at hotels, restaurants, or in their homes. The culture places a high value on making visitors feel like part of the community. Families with children will find Greece especially welcoming, as locals often show great affection for kids. Even without children, visitors are likely to be invited to homes for a traditional spitiko (home-cooked) dinner, turning strangers into friends.

South Africa: The Friendliest Destination

Topping the list as the friendliest country in the world, South Africa offers countless opportunities for meaningful encounters. Locals are known for their openness, often greeting strangers warmly and engaging in conversations. English is one of the official languages, making it easy for travelers to communicate and connect. Websites like Showaround can help visitors find local guides who are eager to explore the city with them, ensuring a rich and interactive travel experience.

Choosing Your Next Friendly Destination

When planning your next trip, consider these destinations for their exceptional friendliness and hospitality. Whether you’re looking to participate in local traditions, enjoy personalized tours, or simply meet warm-hearted people, these countries promise to enhance your travel experience with unforgettable human connections.


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