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These Are The 5 Cheapest U.S. Airlines This Summer According To New Report

Embarking on a journey doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. While some travelers seek opulence in the skies, for others, like myself, the thrill lies in securing the most economical flight deals. That's where AirAdvisor's recent report on the most budget-friendly U.S. airlines for this summer becomes a valuable resource.

Let's delve into the list without delay, but before we do, allow me to share some savvy tips on how to squeeze even more savings out of your airfare.

JetBlue: Striking a Balance Between Economy and Comfort

First on the roster is JetBlue. Positioned as a budget carrier, JetBlue strikes a balance between affordability and essential comforts. With an average fare of $0.1332 per mile, it's a prudent choice for those seeking value without sacrificing too many amenities. Keep an eye out for their various fare tiers, such as Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint, which often include a complimentary carry-on bag.

Allegiant Air: Navigating Domestic Routes on a Budget

Next up, we have Allegiant Air, known for its domestic routes within the United States. With an average cost of $0.1294 per mile, Allegiant proves to be a wallet-friendly option for those traversing the country this summer.

Hawaiian Airlines: Surprising Affordability for Non-Budget Travelers

Surprisingly, Hawaiian Airlines secures a spot on the list despite not being a budget airline per se. Nonetheless, with an average fare of $0.1236 per mile, it presents an attractive option, especially for voyagers bound for Hawaii or seeking routes to Asia or the South Pacific.

Spirit Airlines: Chasing the Sun Without Breaking the Bank

For sun-seekers planning a getaway, Spirit Airlines emerges as a top contender. Specializing in flights to the Caribbean and Latin America, Spirit offers an average fare of $0.1110 per mile. Remember, sticking to the basic fare can yield the best bargains, albeit with minimal frills.

Frontier Airlines: Leading the Pack in Cost-Effective Travel

Topping the charts as the most economical U.S. airline is Frontier Airlines. Renowned for its ultra-low-cost model, Frontier boasts an average fare of $0.0985 per mile, significantly undercutting its competitors. With a wide network spanning the U.S., Central America, and Mexico, Frontier is a go-to choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Insider Tips for Maximizing Savings on Airfare

Now, onto some insider tips for maximizing your savings on airfare. Given that most of these airlines operate on a low-cost basis, additional charges for baggage can quickly escalate expenses. Consider traveling light or purchasing essentials at your destination to avoid hefty baggage fees. If luggage is non-negotiable, prepaying for it is invariably cheaper than doing so at the airport.

Seizing Last-Minute Opportunities

For the adventurous and flexible traveler, last-minute bookings can yield substantial discounts, particularly as departure dates draw near. Keep an eye out for unsold inventory, which airlines often release at heavily discounted rates to fill seats.

Exploring Budget-Friendly Layovers

Furthermore, if time is on your side and budget constraints loom large, opting for flights with layovers can lead to significant savings. While layovers may extend travel time, they provide an opportunity to explore new locales en route.

Navigating the Skies Economically

In conclusion, with strategic planning and a penchant for thriftiness, scoring affordable airfare is well within reach. So, whether you're jetting off to a tropical paradise or embarking on a cross-country adventure, these budget-friendly airlines are poised to make your journey a cost-effective delight.


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