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These Are 5 Of The Cheapest Destinations In Türkiye For Digital Nomads

Türkiye, with its pristine beaches, ancient cities steeped in history, and stunning natural landscapes, offers a budget-friendly haven for digital nomads. Boasting warmer climates year-round and affordability compared to other Mediterranean destinations, Türkiye is increasingly becoming a top choice for remote workers, especially with the recent introduction of its Digital Nomad Visa.

For those eyeing Türkiye as their next destination, the question of where to settle down on a budget arises. Thanks to insights from Nomad List, here are five of the most economical and captivating cities to consider:


Situated along the Aegean Sea, Bodrum is a blend of resort luxury and nomadic charm. Its whitewashed Old Town, adorned with bougainvillea, exudes historical allure, with landmarks like Bodrum Castle showcasing its rich heritage. Despite being one of Türkiye's pricier beach destinations, Bodrum remains remarkably affordable. Fully-furnished Airbnbs with dedicated workspaces can be rented for around $972, with overall monthly expenses averaging $2,001.


As Türkiye's largest and most cosmopolitan city, Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia, offering a tapestry of Ottoman and Byzantine history. Iconic landmarks like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia adorn its skyline, while its abundance of work-friendly cafes adds to its appeal. With monthly living costs averaging under $1,868, Istanbul provides a comfortable yet budget-friendly setting for digital nomads.


Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, Alanya offers a laid-back alternative to bustling yachting scenes and urban sprawl. Its historic harbor and car-free center blend seamlessly with the tranquility of Keopatra Beach. With meals as affordable as $7 and rent around 60% cheaper than major European cities, Alanya beckons as a burgeoning hotspot for digital nomads, with monthly costs totaling $1,228.


As Türkiye's largest Aegean city, Izmir boasts a vibrant coastal atmosphere steeped in history. Hellenic ruins and Ottoman landmarks punctuate its landscape, while its temperate climate and liberal social attitudes add to its allure. Budgeting around $1,223 per month, nomads can enjoy the affordability of consumer goods, groceries, restaurants, and rent in this coastal metropolis.


With its mix of modernity and ancient charm, Antalya stands as Southern Türkiye's premier destination. From the quaint streets of Old Town Kaleiçi to the trendy Konyaaltı beach, Antalya offers endless exploration opportunities. Surprisingly affordable, with monthly living costs averaging $1,186, Antalya combines historic appeal, delectable cuisine, and balmy weather, making it an irresistible choice for digital nomads.

Türkiye presents a diverse array of budget-friendly destinations for digital nomads seeking adventure without breaking the bank. Whether it's the historical charm of Bodrum, the cosmopolitan allure of Istanbul, or the laid-back vibes of Alanya, Türkiye offers something for every nomadic soul.


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