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These 3 Stunning Islands Are The Cheapest Destinations In Greece This Summer

Greece, with its 227 islands, is famed for its pristine beaches and clear waters, making it a top destination for travelers. This summer, with new nonstop flights from the U.S., Greece is set to attract even more visitors. However, popular spots like Santorini and Mykonos can be both expensive and overcrowded.

Fortunately, there are hidden gems among Greece's islands that offer stunning beauty without breaking the bank. According to recent research by Which?, here are three of the cheapest and most beautiful islands to visit in Greece this summer.

Lefkada: The Ionian Gem

Lefkada, nestled in the Ionian Sea, is an excellent alternative to the pricier islands of Corfu and Zakynthos. This small island covers an area of 117 square miles and is home to just over 21,000 people. Its comprehensive road network makes it easy to explore all the key sites and towns, including the capital, also named Lefkada, where most hotels and beach clubs are located.

Lefkada boasts beaches that rival the most famous in Greece. Porto Katsiki, for example, is a stunning stretch of sand wedged between tall cliffs and turquoise waters, often compared to Zakynthos' famous Shipwreck Beach. The island also features quaint fishing villages and picturesque landscapes that are perfect for a relaxing getaway.

One of the biggest draws of Lefkada is its affordability. A one-week stay, including accommodation, transfers, and intra-Europe flights to Aktion Airport, costs around $1,156 per person. Although you can't fly directly from the U.S. to Lefkada, a stopover in Athens or another major European hub is necessary, making the journey part of the adventure.

Thassos: The Northern Beauty

Thassos, the northernmost Greek island, is just a short ferry ride from the Macedonian mainland. Known for its welcoming community of 13,000 locals, Thassos is a peaceful retreat that has not yet been overrun by tourists. The island is famous for its distinctive wine, marble used in ancient Greek architecture, and centuries-old villages nestled in lush hills.

Thassos' beaches are pristine, featuring white sands and teal waters. The island offers a limited number of boutique beachfront hotels and family-owned guesthouses, providing visitors with a more exclusive and intimate experience. The remoteness of Thassos adds to its charm; the nearest major international airport is 95 miles away in Thessaloniki, and visitors must take a ferry from Kavala Port to reach the island.

Despite its seclusion, Thassos is very affordable. A week-long stay costs around $1,066 per person, including accommodation and transportation. This makes it an enticing option for travelers seeking a serene and budget-friendly destination.

Kalymnos: The Aegean Treasure

Kalymnos, located in the Aegean Sea between Kos and Leros, is officially the cheapest tourist island in Greece according to the latest survey. Known for its prosperous sponge-making industry and high GDP per capita, Kalymnos remains an under-the-radar destination for many travelers.

The island features a limited number of hotels and guesthouses, ensuring a quiet and relaxing stay. Its beaches are a mix of sand and pebbles, and the island offers numerous rugged hikes leading to historic churches perched on hills. The capital, Pothia, is a charming port town that serves as the main entry point.

Kalymnos can only be reached by ferry, typically from the nearby island of Kos. According to Which?, a week-long stay on this 17,000-person island costs just $1,047, including harborside seafood meals, ferries, and accommodation. This makes Kalymnos a perfect choice for those seeking an affordable and authentic Greek island experience.

Greece's lesser-known islands offer stunning beauty, rich culture, and affordability, making them perfect alternatives to the crowded and expensive hotspots like Santorini and Mykonos. Lefkada, Thassos, and Kalymnos provide unique experiences, from pristine beaches and charming villages to historical sites and welcoming communities. If you're planning a trip to Greece this summer, consider these hidden gems for an unforgettable and budget-friendly adventure.

Ready to explore Greece's affordable island paradises? Plan your trip today and discover the beauty and charm of Lefkada, Thassos, and Kalymnos. Share your travel experiences with us and inspire others to visit these stunning destinations. Happy travels!


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