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The "greenest" hotels in Europe

Do you wish to adopt a greener way of life while traveling and yet indulge in tasty plant-based travels? In Europe, Green Pearls, the most popular resource for learning about and booking eco-friendly hotels, has selected a number of the finest establishments that welcome vegetarians and vegans. Eating less meat is associated with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased forest and water conservation, thus this resolve matches with the goal of eating better and also helps minimize your carbon footprint.

Here are some of Europe's most eco-friendly hotels that also happen to provide delicious vegetarian and vegan food:



  • La Vimea: The first all-vegan hotel in the country, La Vimea in South Tyrol boasts an exclusively plant-based menu and animal-free furnishings and toiletries. The hotel also offers ayurvedic treatments, yoga, and meditation.

  • Hotel Weihrerhof: This property located at Wolfsgruben Lake offers a menu that is at least 50% vegetarian, along with ice-skating, swimming, boat house sauna, and spa treatments.

  • Adler Lodge Ritten: In the Dolomites, the Adler Lodge Ritten offers a five-course vegetarian menu, customizable meals, and wooden lodges surrounded by the forest.

  • Paradiso Pure Living Hotel: This hotel in the Dolomites serves a vegetarian-vegan menu with a focus on sustainability, and recently inspired an eponymous documentary on its eco-friendly creation.

  • Eco Park Hotel Azalea: The family-run hotel in the Dolomites offers a 100% plant-based menu made with regional and organic produce and wild-harvested herbs.


  • Maslina Resort: The five-star property on the island of Hvar uses exclusively regional and seasonal organic ingredients, including a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Eco Aparthotel The Dreamers' Club: This beachfront aparthotel in Korcula is not only vegetarian-friendly but also caters to families with children and pets.


  • Schwarzwald Panorama: In the Black Forest, this hotel serves up a meatless barbecue and offers at least 90% organic food and drinks. The property is also debuting a vegan-vegetarian theme brunch and daily menu options.

  • Hubertus Mountain Refugio: In Bavaria, the Hubertus Mountain Refugio incorporates local medicinal herbs and offers vegetarian menu options and herbal workshops.

  • Creativhotel Luise: This hotel in Erlangen is known for its sustainability practices and vegan cakes, as well as its breakfast buffet.

  • Biohotel Sturm: In the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhon region, the Biohotel Sturm serves an extensive daily vegan and vegetarian menu and features open-concept kitchens.

  • Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa: This hotel in the German Alps encourages guests to create their own lunch bowls from a buffet that includes meat, fish, and vegetarian options, and offers changing vegetarian dishes for dinner.


  • Naturhotel Outside: This family-run and eco-certified hotel in the National Park Hohe Tauern offers a spa, daily vegetarian menu options, and vegan options on request.


  • Cervo Mountain Resort: The Swiss Alps' Cervo Mountain Resort offers breathtaking views of the Matterhorn and three restaurants that cater to all diets, including vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores.

Green Pearls is a great tool for eco-conscious vacationers who want to dine well without sacrificing their environmental conscience. Green Pearls presents a complete directory of eco-friendly and sustainable hotels that provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives, as well as other diets. Travelers may now enjoy a healthy and environmentally friendly holiday at places like the vegan-friendly La Vimea in Italy or the Cervo Mountain Resort in Switzerland. Green Pearls has you covered whether you're seeking a plant-based meal, locally-sourced organic foods, or eco-friendly lodgings. Make your next vacation more environmentally friendly, whether you're going skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.


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