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New Zealand Drops Vaccine Requirement For Travelers

New Zealand has dropped a coronavirus vaccine requirement for travelers once it reopened its borders to the world.

New Zealand has dropped a coronavirus vaccine requirement for travelers once it reopened its borders to the world.

The mandatory vaccination policy for foreign visitors has been formally dropped by New Zealand, ending among of the most onerous Covid regulations in the world. Masks will no longer be required in public, along with the removal of the vaccination requirement. On September 13th, the vaccination obligation was finally repealed.

As of right now, whether immunized or not, all new travelers are welcome. Mask use has likewise been discontinued, with the exception of healthcare establishments. Only the 7-day isolation period for Covid-positive people will continue to be required."We know there is still much work to do," Ardern said. "But we also believe this is an important step forward."

Ardern added that she hopes this would be an opportunity for more people to visit the country and "experience what New Zealand has to offer."

If you're traveling to New Zealand, you might want to think about getting your vaccines up to date. As of Monday, the country is reopening its borders following a 10-year ban on international travel due to a coronavirus outbreak in New Zealand's North Island that killed dozens and sickened hundreds more. And while many countries have been issuing health warnings for travelers headed there—including Australia, Canada and the U.S.—New Zealand has dropped a vaccine requirement for travelers once it reopens its borders to the world.

The main travel season in New Zealand is the summer, which lasts from December to February. It is inevitable that the nation will gain from an increase in tourists as it joins the ever-expanding list of nations without restrictions. For more than two years, many tourists have been eager to visit.

What Does This Mean For Travelers?

Purchase your ticket! Since September 13th, travelers who have put off visiting New Zealand because of travel restrictions can do so without any restrictions. No longer are visitors required to submit to test before or after arrival, provide documentation of their immunizations, or undergo quarantine. The people of New Zealand are friendly, and the summer is a perfect time to visit one of the nation's many lakes or beaches. New Zealand has an unlimited supply of beautiful scenery.


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