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Moving abroad: The cheapest countries in Europe in 2023

Are you seeking for a change of scenery because you're sick of living in pricey cities? More and more people are considering moving abroad in quest of a more affordable way of life as a result of the rising cost of living crisis. There are many affordable locations to pick from, whether you want to start a new job, move closer to family, or just explore a new country. But it can be confusing to know where to begin with so many possibilities. Using cost of living statistics from Numbeo, we'll examine four of the most affordable locations in Europe in this post.


Well-known for its untamed mountain ranges and ancient settlements, has some of the most affordable pricing in all of Europe. The nation has a cost of living index of 38.9, which is much lower than many other European countries, according to Numbeo. For those seeking a remote and inexpensive holiday, Montenegro is the ideal location. It has lovely beaches, glacial lakes, and a short stretch of coastline.


With its vibrant cities and beautiful beaches, Portugal is one of the most well-liked locations for digital nomads in Europe. The nation has a cost of living index of 45.3, making it an economical choice for remote workers, according to Numbeo. The country will be the ideal location for people wishing to flee the high cost of living in their home nations thanks to a new digital nomad scheme that allows remote workers to live and work there for up to 12 months.


For expats seeking for a cheap choice, Croatia is a popular destination thanks to its bright beaches, national parks, and historic palaces. The nation has a cost of living index of 46.7, slightly more than Portugal's but still within reach, according to Numbeo. In January 2021, Croatia began providing special visas to digital workers from outside the European Union, allowing them to stay for up to a year and being exempt from income tax. Croatia is particularly well-liked among digital nomads. The average price is raised by cities like Split and Dubrovnik, which are well-known for their stunning beaches and "Game of Thrones" filming locations, but overall, the nation is still a fantastic choice for people searching for an affordable destination.


The country is a favorite of digital nomads due to its vibrant capital Vilnius, historic cities, and plethora of coworking spaces. The nation has a cost of living index of 48.8 according to Numbeo, making it an economical alternative for people wishing to relocate abroad. Applicants requesting a streamlined, fast-track visa from the UK, US, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, or Japan can typically get one in a few months. Lithuania is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for a cheap and entertaining vacation because of its developing towns.

These four locations are only a fraction of the numerous reasonably priced areas to relocate in Europe. While cost of living is a significant element, it's also crucial to consider safety and other aspects of quality of life while making your choice. You can choose the ideal location to meet your demands and budget by doing some research and comparing the many alternatives. So why not begin planning your move today?


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