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Mandatory Masks on These Airlines in 2023

Do you want to know which airlines still require masks if you plan to fly in 2023? It can be difficult to keep track of which airlines still require masks for their passengers given the ongoing pandemic. We'll provide you a thorough list of some of the well-known airlines that will still demand masks in 2023 in this post. Making an informed selection regarding your travel arrangements will enable you to be ready for any mask requirements that may arise throughout your flight.

One of the biggest changes in travel since the pandemic has been the requirement that airlines provide masks for passengers. In order to prevent the transmission of the virus during the early stages of the pandemic, the majority of airlines required passengers to wear masks on their flights. But beginning with planes in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, several airlines began to abandon their mask restrictions in early 2022 as the situation improved and more people received vaccinations. On April 18, 2022, a federal judge in Florida overturned the more than two-year-old U.S. airplane mask requirement. Mask requirements on other airlines started to disappear in the spring and summer like dominoes, and even holdouts like Mexico eventually dropped the restriction in the fall.

However, many airlines from all over the world will still require that customers wear masks on flights as of 2023. Among these airlines are:

  • Iberia: requires all passengers over the age of six to wear a mask onboard their flights.

  • Vueling: requires masks on all flights originating in or flying to Spain and Portugal.

  • Copa Airlines: requires all passengers over the age of two to wear masks onboard.

  • Cathay Pacific: requires that all passengers over the age of two wear a mask for the duration of their flight

  • Japan Airlines: "kindly asks" that guests wear masks onboard their flights. Passengers without a mask may be denied boarding if it is “creating discomfort” for other passengers.

  • China Eastern Airlines: requires all passengers to wear masks onboard.

  • China Southern Airlines: requires all passengers to wear masks onboard.

Additionally, even airlines without a mask requirement could make passengers wear one if their country of origin or final destination requires it.

We recognize that keeping up with the changes can be challenging, and that not knowing which airlines still require masks while planning a trip can be frustrating. But rest assured that we have you covered. The list of airlines in this article is not all-inclusive, but it includes some of the well-known carriers that still require masks in 2023. It is essential to constantly inquire about the airline's most recent mask policy before booking a flight.

Happy and safe travels!


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