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Launch of Low Cost Airline in Canada: $169 Roundtrips to 13 European Locations

The news that PLAY, a new low-cost airline, would start operating in Canada and offer nonstop flights to at least 26 European locations will delight Europe enthusiasts there. There is a record-breaking demand for travel to the continent as a result of Europe's reopening and the removal of travel restrictions. The chance to establish PLAY as a pioneer in low-cost, long-distance travel is presented by this.

The first incredibly cheap flights from Canada to Europe are scheduled to depart from Hamilton, Ontario, in the summer of 2023. PLAY intends to launch in the Canadian market this year. Although the airline has big ambitions for additional expansion, it has not yet obtained slots in Canada's top airports, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. 26 more destinations from John C. Munro International have been added to PLAY's debut offer, 25 of which need a layover at their Iceland hub.

These destinations are:

  • Aalborg,

  • Denmark Aarhus,

  • Denmark Alicante,

  • Spain Athens,

  • Greece Barcelona,

  • Spain Berlin,

  • Germany Billund,

  • Denmark Bologna,

  • Italy Brussels,

  • Belgium Copenhagen,

  • Denmark Dublin,

  • Ireland Dusseldorf,

  • Germany Geneva,

  • Switzerland Gothenburg,

  • Sweden Gran Canaria,

  • Spain Hamburg,

  • Germany Lisbon,

  • Portugal Liverpool,

  • United Kingdom London,

  • United Kingdom Madrid,

  • Spain Malaga,

  • Spain Mallorca,

  • Spain Paris,

  • France Porto,

  • Portugal Prague,

  • Czech Republic Reykjavik,

  • Iceland Salzburg,

  • Austria Stockholm,

  • Sweden Tenerife,

  • Spain Warsaw,

  • Poland

On Play's official website, customers can already make flight reservations, and an amazing deal is waiting for them. On a first-come, first-served basis, passengers may find tickets for as little as $169 one-way flying from Hamilton to at least 13 cities. Major European cities like Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Gothenburg, London, and Paris Charles de Gaulle are among these locations.

In addition to the chance to see well-known European metropolis, PLAY also provides access to lesser-known locations that are frequently disregarded by tourists. This includes endearing places like Warsaw in Poland, Salzburg in Austria, and Gothenburg in Sweden. Additionally, fares that start at just $129 may be found for travelers travelling to Keflavik in Iceland, the location of PLAY's headquarters. Since all taxes, fees, and carrier costs are included in the fare, the transaction is transparent. Canadians can book up to January 31 at midnight Eastern Time to take advantage of the discount. With PLAY, getting to lesser-known locations in Europe has never been more affordable or simple, encouraging tourists to venture beyond of their comfort zones and see the world.

For European travelers interested in visiting the continent, the introduction of PLAY to the Canadian market is welcome news. With nonstop service to at least 26 locations, very low one-way fares for 13 destinations, and flights to at least 26 locations, passengers are guaranteed to discover a deal that fits their travel needs and budget. With layovers in Iceland, departures from Hamilton, Ontario, will start in the summer of 2023. A wide variety of destinations will be offered, including well-known ones like Paris, London, and Berlin as well as less well-known ones like Aalborg, Athens, and Lisbon.

The booking period is from January 10 to January 31, Eastern Time, and the transaction is open and free of any surprises. Canadians have a fantastic opportunity to easily travel to new places as PLAY promotes itself as a leader in low-cost, long-distance travel.


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