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How to book a cheap vacation in 2023

Summer is almost approaching, and with it comes the urge to travel and discover new places. However, with the rising cost of package holidays and airfares, many of us may find it difficult to finance a summer vacation this year. Package trips are around 19% more costly than last year, while summer flights between the UK and Europe are approximately 32% more expensive, costing US$295 compared to US$225 in 2022. Long-haul airfares have also risen, from an average of US$769 in 2022 to US$977 - a 27% increase.

However, just because prices are high does not imply you must abandon your trip plans. Check out these advice on how to schedule affordable holidays in 2023 if you're determined to make the most of your summer vacation.

Now to Save Money - How to Find Cheap Flights and Vacations

Booking your flights and trains far in advance is one of the greatest methods to save money on your summer vacation. Long-haul flights are around 54% cheaper when purchased 178 days in advance, according to Kayak, so book in January to ensure the best rates for summer. If you're having trouble planning six months ahead, choose a flight with a flexible cancellation policy so you may reschedule if your plans change. European vacations also provide more flexibility, with booking 141 days (about five months) in advance possibly saving you up to 47% on your travel, according to Kayak. If you wish to travel by train, Eurostar recommends reserving 120 days (four months) in advance for the lowest fares.

Another option to save money on your summer vacation is to go during the shoulder season, which is defined as the months preceding and after the summer peak. While the greatest discounts are generally obtained between March and April or September and October, there are some bargains to be acquired before the school holidays start in July. Traveling in June rather than July and August might save you more than a third on airfare, and hotel accommodations are frequently cheaper outside of the peak summer months. Beaches and tourist destinations will also be less congested during the shoulder season.

If you want to save even more money on your summer vacation, try traveling on Tuesdays, which can save you up to 15% compared to departing on Saturday - the most costly day to begin a journey to Europe, according to Kayak. Tuesday flights are around 9% less expensive than Friday departures for long-distance travel. According to Eurostar, taking the train on Tuesday or Wednesday might potentially save you money.

Discover the Lowest-Cost Vacation Spots in 2023

When it comes to destination, choosing a country with a weaker local currency than your own might drastically cut your travel costs. At the moment, Japan, Turkey, and India are all viable options. According to Flight Centre UK statistics, budget tickets to the Maldives have decreased 14% in 2023, while flights to Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile have only marginally increased from 2022. According to Which? research, if you're wanting to book a package trip, you should avoid Greece, where costs have risen by 30% in the previous year. Choose Portugal instead, where costs have only climbed by 7%.

If you're ready to let money define your destination, look into package vacation bargains on websites like Wowcher and Groupon, some of which will take you to an unexpected place. Dublin, Milan, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Rome, and Prague are among the cheapest European destinations for flights from the United Kingdom. These sites provide an inexpensive blend of culture, history, and beauty.

When it comes to lodging, consider staying in vacation rentals or hostels rather than hotels. Vacation rentals such as flats and condominiums can provide more space and privacy than a standard hotel room at a lesser cost. Hostels, which provide dormitory-style lodging with shared toilets and public facilities, are also a cost-effective choice.

It's also worth investigating alternate vacation possibilities like home-sharing services like Airbnb, which may provide unusual and economical lodging options. Consider going during the off-season, when you'll discover more savings and discounts on flights, lodging, and activities.

Finally, compare costs and shop around for the greatest discounts. Compare rates for flights, accommodations, and activities using travel comparison services such as Kayak, Expedia, and Sign up for email notifications for offers and discounts on your favorite vacation spots.

Despite growing expenses, you may still enjoy a summer vacation with a little forethought and flexibility. You may find reasonable choices for your next summer journey by reserving ahead of time, going during the shoulder season, flying on weekdays, carefully selecting your location, and comparing costs. Don't allow the cost of living problem derail your trip plans; instead, seek for hidden treasures and enjoy the summer vacation you deserve.


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