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Fly High with Frontier Airlines: Enter to Win a Million Miles in Their Lott-o Miles Giveaway!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Frontier Airlines has launched a new promotion, "Lott-o Miles," that offers travelers the chance to win one million airline miles. The contest operates similarly to a traditional lottery, but instead of numbers, participants select five of Frontier's animal ambassadors. The promotion will run from Wednesday until April 7, 2023, with drawings taking place on March 31, April 3, April 5, and April 7. If the jackpot rolls over for each drawing, participants will need to register again for each drawing day. The live drawings can be watched on Frontier's social media channels.

Frontier's animal ambassadors are a group of endangered and threatened animals native to North America. The airline has partnered with various conservation organizations to raise awareness and support for these animals. The animals available for selection in the lottery include Bison, Coqui Llanero, Eagle, Grey Wolf, Black Footed Ferret, Flamingo, Fox, Longhorn Steer, Manatee, Moose, Orca, Parrot, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Resplendent Quetzal, Sea Turtle, Squirrel, Two-Toed Sloth, and Big Horn Sheep.

If no participant matches the drawings over the contest period, a winner will be randomly selected from each day's pool of entries. The promotion aims to generate excitement among travelers and reinforce Frontier's commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Tyri Squyres, Frontier's vice president of marketing, expressed the airline's enthusiasm about the promotion, saying, "We’re always looking for fun and unique opportunities to show customers how much we appreciate them, and it makes it all the more exciting to be the first airline to do this type of promotion."

In addition to the contest, Frontier will also offer special on-board events and airport games during the busy spring break season to keep the fun going. Frontier Airlines operates flights to over 100 destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Known for its low fares, Frontier has recently expanded its services to include new routes and increased frequencies. Frontier's commitment to sustainability and conservation is evident in its use of eco-friendly aircraft and support for various conservation initiatives.

The "Lott-o Miles" promotion is a unique opportunity for travelers to win a million airline miles and support Frontier's commitment to conservation and sustainability. With multiple drawings and a variety of animal ambassadors to choose from, the contest is sure to generate excitement among travelers and animal lovers alike. Don't miss your chance to participate in this promotion and win big with Frontier Airlines.


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