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Flight-Free Route From London To Morocco

In 2023, more and more people, especially in Europe, are choosing to travel by train. With the addition of new train routes that make traveling to different countries more comfortable and easy, many people now choose to take a sleeper train instead of a plane. The 16-day trip from London to Morocco is one exciting train trip that is getting a lot of attention.

Byway, a travel company, is now offering a new trip that goes from London to Morocco by train, bus, and ferry. The plan includes stops in Nimes, France, Madrid, and Cádiz, Spain, as well as Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez, and Casablanca, all of which are in Morocco. The "trip builder" on Byway makes the route, but travelers can change it to fit their needs and tastes.

Byway says that people are becoming more interested in long-distance train trips as an alternative to short-distance flights. In 2022, 30% of the company's holiday bookings were for trips longer than 10 days. In 2021, only 5% of bookings were for trips longer than 10 days.

Train travel gives people a different way to see a place and a unique experience. There are no long security lines or waiting times at the airport, so the process is much less stressful than flying. Train travel is a great way to see the most of a city because you only have to get there a few minutes early.

Byway is about slow travel and experiences that don't hurt the environment. The company's 16-day itinerary starts at about $2,175 per person and takes travelers from London to Casablanca and back again. The price includes a place to stay with breakfast, tickets for travel, guides to activities in the area, Whatsapp support, and a full COVID-19 refund.

From Byway's schedule, travelers can expect the following:

London: The trip starts in London. From there, people can take the Eurostar train to Nimes, France, which takes two hours.

Nimes: When tourists spend the night in Nimes, they can look at the city's impressive Roman monuments and beautiful streets.

The next day, travelers continue their trip to Madrid, where they can visit museums and eat delicious Spanish food.

Cádiz: The next place to go is Cádiz, which is easy on the wallet and has lots of interesting buildings and castles to see.

Tangier: From Cádiz, people can take a bus to Tarifa, where they can catch a ferry to Tangier and spend two nights exploring the city.

Chefchaouen: Travelers can take a bus from Tangier to Chefchaouen and stay there for two nights to see the blue buildings and learn about the culture.

Fez: Four hours by bus from Chefchaouen, travelers can go to Fez, where they can stay for three nights to learn about the city's impressive crafts, spiritual centers, museums, and architecture.

Casablanca: The last stop is Casablanca, which has a beautiful skyline, old buildings, and a lot of different cultures.

Byway recommends spending two nights in Cádiz, one night in Madrid, and one night in Nimes on the way back. The trip is a unique adventure with time to stop and look around.


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