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Egypt Offers New 5-Year Visa for Tourists to Boost Tourism Industry

Egypt has launched a new visa program that allows remote workers and some tourists to apply for a 5-year visa at an affordable cost, aiming to attract more visitors to Egypt and increase the tourism industry by up to 30% in the future.

For the first time, Egypt has provided a visa with a validity of more than a year, allowing tourists aged 16 and up from the list of 180 approved countries to apply for the visa through the E-Visa portal, with the visa valid for multiple entries into the country, costing $700.

Egypt's goal is to attract 30 million visitors by 2028 and has launched the new 5-year visa program to become a more attractive destination to travelers. The government is attempting to challenge traditional tourism beyond the main attraction of the Pyramids of Giza. With thousands of other archeological sites, six UNESCO world heritage sites, and an underrated coastline for beachgoers, Egypt has a lot more to offer.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has implemented a national strategy to advance the tourism sector by doubling spending on museums and antiquities, improving the tourism experience, and attracting 30 million tourists annually by 2028.

Tourists can also receive a 30-day visa on arrival for just $25, and the new 5-year visa program aims to increase tourism in the country by attracting remote workers and digital nomads who are seeking a place to work and live for an extended period. The government hopes that the move will draw in a significant amount of revenue for the country, creating jobs and boosting the economy.

Remote workers are one of the primary targets of the new 5-year visa program. Egypt is a popular destination for digital nomads, with its favorable climate and low cost of living. Remote workers can stay in major bustling cities like Cairo or overlooking the beautiful blue waters of Sharm El-Sheikh. The 5-year visa program is expected to support Egypt's target of boosting overall tourism by up to 30% in the future.

While there is no definitive date set in place, tourists aged 16 and up will be able to take possession of their visa online through the E-Visa portal. The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa, said that the new visa program will be launched "soon." With the new visa program, visitors can explore Egypt's hidden treasures beyond the world-famous pyramids at their own pace and take advantage of all it has to offer.


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