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Discover the Future of Luxury: An Eco-Friendly Stay at InterContinental Kaohsiung

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The InterContinental Kaohsiung, a luxurious hotel based in Taiwan under the IHG Hotels & Resorts brand, has recently piqued the interest of travelers worldwide with its innovative approach to sustainable luxury. Nestled in the heart of Kaohsiung, this hotel is situated in Taiwan’s largest port city and a major metropolitan area. It has been dubbed the world’s best tourist city by Lonely Planet and recognized by the New York Times as one of the world’s 52 “places to love” in 2021.

Notably, the city is a major hub for international music festivals and concerts, shining a spotlight on InterContinental Kaohsiung in recent months. Celebrities such as the Backstreet Boys, Westlife, and most recently, Blackpink, have trusted the hotel with their care while on tour and expressed their gratitude for their stay on social media.

InterContinental Kaohsiung was initially opened in 2021, catering to the bustling domestic travel market. It is set within the tallest luxury residence in Taiwan, a testament to the heights of innovation in hospitality. Since its opening, it has already been recognized with 15 international awards. The hotel's concept revolves around three elements: sustainability, smart technology, and curated design.

According to Robbert Manussen, IHG Area General Manager of Taiwan, "InterContinental Kaohsiung’s unique blend of sustainability, smart technology, and curated design has already built a great deal of momentum and interest, and the recent buzz has helped reinforce this. We are thrilled by the success of this site and see it as illustrative of Taiwan’s significant future potential."

The hotel has embraced the need to act locally and think globally, offering Porsche hybrid limousines, building a farm-to-fork eco-friendly system by composting food waste, actively adjusting energy consumption, offering recyclable amenities, and sourcing goods from local merchants. It has 253 guest rooms, each equipped with smart technology, including built-in digital voice controls and other intelligent technologies that bring a smooth modernity to the experience. Each room is designed in classic Art Deco style, while the building's design itself is inspired by the Kaohsiung harbor and ocean background, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the world’s continents.

InterContinental Kaohsiung takes pride in offering customized experiences and personalized service for guests. Centrally located in the downtown area, the hotel is adjacent to key destinations such as the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, Municipal Library, Pop Music Center, and Port Travel Center, providing quick, convenient access to everything the city has to offer. The upcoming Megaport Festival in early April will draw popular Taiwanese band Mayday, singer A-Mei, and other musicians to the city for fans to experience live.

For other leisure-seekers, the city offers a diverse cultural heritage, showcased in regular art and design exhibitions, as well as art fairs for local craftsmen. The city also has a strong commitment to technology, aiming to become the core of Taiwan’s industries surrounding 5G, AIoT, and Smart City.

An Advance Saver Member Exclusive Rate is currently available under the IHG One Rewards program, allowing members to enjoy up to 20% off when booking 5 days in advance and providing points on a stay at InterContinental Kaohsiung. For more information, visit to unlock the best of Kaohsiung and experience the hotel's unique sustainable luxury.


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