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Americans Can Fly Nonstop To This Fairytale French Riviera Town

The French Riviera, with its turquoise waters, charming pastel-colored towns, and vintage allure, ranks as one of Europe’s premier summer destinations. This Mediterranean paradise rivals Italy's Amalfi Coast and Greece’s idyllic islands. Surprisingly, many Americans are unaware that they can fly nonstop to one of the Riviera’s most picturesque towns from the United States, avoiding a layover in busy Paris and a lengthy train ride south.

A Charming Blend of Cultures

This enchanting town, accessible via a direct 7-hour and 40-minute Transatlantic flight, is gaining popularity. Known as the "most Italian town in France," it sits at the French Riviera's edge, close to the Italian border. Its architecture, cuisine, and culture are heavily influenced by its proximity to Italy, offering a unique blend of French and Italian charm.

A Distinct Mediterranean Experience

With its Mediterranean climate that is mild year-round, this town contrasts sharply with Paris's Haussmann-modeled boulevards and Nice’s Belle Époque buildings. The town's narrow streets are lined with pastel-colored buildings that give it a distinctly Italian feel. Walking through this town, you’ll hear a mix of French and Italian, reinforcing its unique cultural blend.

Exploring the Colorful Old Town

The hilly Old Town is a riot of colors, with buildings in shades of orange, yellow, green, and maroon. Cobbled streets lead to hidden courtyards, lush gardens, and Baroque churches. The townscape unfolds along a public sand-and-pebble beach, bordered by a modern promenade and the clear Mediterranean Sea. Traditional Italian trattorias and French brasseries line the streets, offering the best of both culinary worlds.

Architectural Highlights and Scenic Views

One of the key attractions is the Saint-Michel Basilica, with its towering yellow-washed belfry. Wandering through the town’s winding alleys, you’ll encounter numerous architectural marvels and picturesque spots perfect for photography.

Culinary Delights Await

Food lovers will find plenty to enjoy here. Primo Atelier Della Pasta is renowned for its seafood spaghetti, with main dishes costing between $15 and $21. For delicious French crepes, visit La Crepe a l’Envers, where lunchtime menus start at $15. Surprisingly, this town also offers some of the best pizzas in the region at the Italian-run Fleur de Mozza, where a Margherita or the signature Fleur de Mozza with buffalo mozzarella costs around $10.

The Famous Lemons of the Region

This town is famous for its lemons, which have a unique aroma and sweetness thanks to the balmy weather. Gelateria Sofia, located at the end of Bonaparte Quay, offers a wide range of lemon-flavored gelatos, along with other delightful options like stracciatella and mango.

The Perfect Base for Riviera Exploration

This town is an ideal base for exploring the wider French Riviera. Monaco is only a 25-minute drive away, while Èze, a popular hilltop village, is half an hour away. Nice is a 35-minute drive, and Cannes, known for its celebrity visitors, is just over an hour away.

Convenient Transportation Options

If you’re not driving, the town is well-connected by train to various Riviera hotspots. Trains from Nice to this town run frequently, with tickets ranging from $3 to $12 one-way. This makes it easy to explore the region without the need for a car.

Accommodation Options for Every Budget

Finding budget accommodation in this town can be challenging, especially during high season. Hôtel Narev offers a seven-night stay for $892, while Hotel Paradiso costs $1,493 for the same duration. The beachfront Princess Et Richmond is slightly cheaper at $1,376 for a week. For budget travelers, studio apartment rentals can be found for under $800 per week on, especially during the off-season between September and October.

Easy Access to the Riviera’s Heart

To reach this enchanting town, fly into Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, which is only 24 miles or a 45-minute train ride away. American Airlines offers nonstop flights from Philadelphia to Nice for around $1,351 round-trip. From Nice Airport, take a tram to downtown Nice and then a train to your destination, a journey that takes just over half an hour and costs $7 one-way. Alternatively, an Uber from Nice Airport to this town costs approximately $68.31.

With its unique blend of French and Italian culture, stunning architecture, and delectable cuisine, this hidden gem on the French Riviera is a must-visit. With convenient nonstop flights from the U.S. and excellent transport links, it’s never been easier to explore this enchanting town and the surrounding region.


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